Last Reflection

2 Jun

This is my last reflection, so I want to talk about my feelings about this course from beginning to end.

At the beginning I had some problems for this course. For example, I didn’t know its contents and aims. As time goes on, I have understood its advantages. This course was different for us. It was so enjoyable and useful that we could improve our knowledges about technology.

In this course, we have learnt a lot of things which can be useful for us while we are teaching. I think because of this course, our lessons will be more exciting and interesting for our students.

I want to thank to Sedat Teacher. He helped us for everything, and I think, thanks to him this course was enjoyable. He created a wonderful atmosphere for us. 

Weebly ( 12th Week)

2 Jun

Today the teacher talked about how to make a website. He mentioned about a website to create our own websites. It is “weebly”

Using it is very simple and enjoyable. In my first year, I created a website, but it was more different and boring than this.  While creating your website, you can use it as you want. You can add picture, videos, voices, texts…

Lastly the teacher asked us to create our own websites, and gather our all sharings about this course in this website. 

The Podcast (11th week)

2 Jun

Today’s topic was quite interesting. It is about a website in which you can record your voice. This website is AudioBoo.

In this website, you record your voice and share with the people all over the world. Also, you can listen to their records. You can learn a lot of things about them. This is interesting and amazing! I think this has so many advantages. For example, you can practice in English while you are listening to them, so your listening and speaking abilities improve.

After talking about this website, the teacher asked us to join AudioBoo, and record our voices. We will talk about one of our failures. It will be a different experience 🙂

Digital Storytelling ( 10th week)

2 Jun

Today’s topic was Digital Storytelling tools. The teacher talked about how to create a digital story by using these tools.

 The first tool is “movie maker”. I have informations about this tool. Because I created a video by using it. Using it seems complex, but actually it is not. The only thing you should do is gathering the pictures and ordering them. If you want you can add music. Then you should save it to your computer and then your video will be ready.

The other tool is “storyjumper.” I think this is easier than movie maker, but it is tiring. You can use it easily to create a video. 

Social Network (9th week)

2 Jun

Today’s topic is not different for me. Because it was Social Network. I think all of us have an information about them.


Actually social network is a part of our lives. So What is it? It is the social relations among people, such as sharing interests or activities. Maybe when I say “social network” it may not be understood by some people. But If I say “facebook, twitter, msn… I am sure everyone will understand what it is

Social Networking has become very popular during the past few years. I think this has some advantages and disadvantages.

We can communicate with our relatives from other cities or countries. We can also see them. We can practice in English by speaking with foreign people. We can join some useful groups according to our interests. Also we can use the social network for the purpose of  education. These are the advantages of it I think.

Nevertheless we don’t use them for just these reasons. Everybody knows about special life because of social network. We share almost everything about us. Moreover, some of us are addicted to social network. For example, they use the social network all day and all night. They can’t spare time for theirselves.  All their life is “social network”

I think if it is used stable for its aims, social network is really useful and we can use it both teaching and learning.


WiziQ ( 8th week)

2 Jun

Today, the teacher talked about the online conference tools. WiziQ is one of them.

WiziQ is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach or learn live, online. Shortly it brings education to your home. If you are a user of WiziQ, you don’t have to go to school. You can join in the courses wherever you are. You don’t need to pay any money to use WiziQ. Because it is free both teachers and students.

I think this is an advantage for teachers and students. Because you can join in the courses wherever you are. I think this is the point. 🙂

Dokeos and Nicenet ( 7th week)

2 Jun

In this lesson, our teacher have talked about Dokoes and Nicenet. Firstly, the teacher mentioned about e-learning.

E- learning is electronic learning( using a computer to learn a task, skill or process.) E-learning includes Dokeos and Nicenet. Firstly I want to talk about “Dokeos.” When I heard “Dokeos” I surprised so much because I haven’t heard anything about it until now. It is a web based Learning Management System  that you can use to build, publish, track and report metrics of your e-learning courses. By using Dokeos  you can do whatever you want. For example, you can create quizzes for your students or  you can share notes. Moreover, you can organize study groups or conferences. Through Dokeos, your students will have a chance to work together.

The other one is Nicenet. It is another tool of e-learning. Nicenet is one of many web-based learning management systems through which teachers can work with students, whether in distance mode or as a supplement to face-to-face teaching. By using it, as a teacher, you can share some reading materials, documents, or notes for your students, and the students can submit their homeworks, and add some links to the web. Nicenet is very reliable and useful as a website.

As a conclusion, for using them, you have to have internet connection 🙂